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project kawasaki meanstreak


Eddie is into Horsepower. Four legged or on two wheels. His steed, a Kawasaki VN1500 Meanstreak. (The other - a woolly mammoth otherwise known a shire horse).

Eddie brought us his totally standard Meanstreak and asked us for more power from low revs upwards and MORE NOISE!!!.

How's a 30% Increase.......louder?......HOW'S A 30% INCREASE !!

We sourced and fitted........


Kuryakyn Hypercharger : In plain english - a bug catcher / supercharger.
This replaced all of the stock air intake system (Airbox etc) and was fitted to increase airflow particularly at high speeds - the faster you go, the more air that gets rammed in. It proved to be an exceptional tool for the overall increase in power. Cosmetically it also added to the bike's already agressive looks.

Vance & Hines Straightshot Exhaust System:
These were fitted in order to allow out the additional airflow that the Hypercharger let in, plus not forgetting the request for MORE NOISE!!.
These pipes are beautifully made and are double skinned in order to reduce the effects of heat for both longevity of life and retention of their good looks. They sound awesome. (These pipes came with removable baffles. The setup was done with these removed).


Dynojet Power Commander:
Well, we've let more air in and more air out, but to date no
bike can adjust its own fuel to compensate. This is where we fit a power Commander that allows us to optimise fueling thus releasing the power increases that the other modifications offer. Please note we use the word optimise as in many areas of the fuel map we will reduce fuel injection durations.
This piece of kit was made for big twins like the Meanstreak as it allows us not only to help the other parts work to their full potential but also allows us to make the bike tractable, rideable, smooth low down in the rev range. It also ensures that it does not run weak thus protecting valves etc from burning out.


The Results:
The joy of todays Dyno's is that they do not lie. Dyno's may differ by a horse or two, but what we are doing is comparing before and after results on the same dyno. This gives us percentage gains that can be seen from the charts. They say a picture says a thousand words. Well, these two graphs are the most eloquent we have seen yet. The additional bonus with the Power Commander is that it is onwardly adjustable for any future tweaks or modifications ....... What's next Ed?


What were the down sides?
The HyperCharger bolts on where the old airbox cover used to live. Unfortunately it sticks out a bit further which we found impeded comfortable access to the right footrest and rear brake. To get over this we had to space out the footrest mounting bracket and extend the brake pedal.

What did Eddie think?
First reaction once home......
" I am just; 
a) trying to gather my thoughts on the engine work and 
b) trying to get my lid off over my teeth which seem to have stuck in a grin  
will update soon...................."

For those a little wary of additional noise. That's OK as we still have the baffles to play with. - In, out or cut them about - it should be possible to tune exhaust tone to the desired level.

Dyno Operator: Steve Cudden.

Nice job Steve.....

Here are some pics that Eddie kindly e-mailed of the bike in all its glory -
Click to enlarge - Thanks Eddie!!


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