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project kawasaki zx10r 2006

Cutting Edge Just Got Sharper !!

The ZX10R in standard trim was awesome.................added the cans and it got better................. removed the baffles and it got ragged.

1000 Bhp per Tonne!!

This bike is mine and doubles up as the shop demo. Why change the cans? - Well don't tell anyone else but I wasn't that keen on the originals and as Kawasaki market these cans as OE accessories I thought well - why not!.

What did we fit? ....... We fitted a pair of Cans, and a Power Commander.


Akrapovic End Cans: These are bolt-on "race" end cans produced by Akrapovic in full carbon or titanium with carbon end cap finishes. The Akrapovic cans fitted very well indeed and instantly made the back end of the bike look lighter (they weigh substantially less than the standard cans). They sounded good and rode very well with the baffles in. I have to say however that with the baffles removed the bike suddenly felt viscious and ragged and was obviously affected by the big change in airflow.

It needed the fuel mixture setup. - On with the Power Commander and off to Stevo in the Dyno. (I used to do all the fuel work myself until Steve stepped in, took onboard what I knew and improved upon it - The art of leadership - know when your beaten!!).

K&N High flow Air Filter :
As the bike has done few miles and because we can tweak it later as and when we need to (Everyone should have a dyno!) we didn't bother with a filter at this stage. We don't always practice what we preach........


Dynojet Power Commander:
Well, we've let more air through the combustion chamber, but to date no
bike can adjust its own fuel to compensate. This is why we fit a power Commander that allows us to optimise fueling thus releasing the power increases that the other modifications offer. Please note we use the word optimise as in many areas of the fuel map we will reduce fuel injection durations.
It allows us not only to help the other parts work to their full potential but also gives us the opportunity to make the bike more tractable, rideable and far smoother low down in the rev range. It also ensures that it does not run weak thus protecting valves etc from burning out.
Believe me - at 11 stone wet through I need this bike to be smooth.


The Results:
All of the unpredictable raggedness of power that the open race cans created has gone. Whether you tickle the throttle or give it a fistful the power delivery is smooth, linear and in direct proportion to amounts of throttle applied. In short - it does what it's told again, but now is crisper, more responsive and substantially more powerful.

Dry weight on this bike is 175 Kg - Therefore power to weight ratio is now in only just shy of 1000 Bhp per Tonne at the rear wheel without RAM AIR being taken itnto account. (Another 10+ Bhp).

Is this still usable power? ........
More so than ever! the relationship between throttle and power response is more predictable, more controlable and obviously more exciting. Our setups concentrate purely on ridability even at the cost of a few more GG's. As the famous saying goes "Power is nothing without control". On bikes like the ZX10R the dyno charts only tell half the story - Riding the bike tells the rest - I love it more each time I get to ride it!

Click to enlarge....

Dyno Operator: Steve Cudden

Owner/Critic: Vince Vrinten.

Thanks Stevo! Excellent Job !!

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