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Motorcycle Tuning
project kawasaki zx6r

Supersports performance !!

It is fair to say that Dean is into gadgets. His ZX6R (ZX636C) is a rolling advert for aftermarket accessories...... and then some!!. The bike is truly "Pimped".

its as easy as 1-2-3 Bhp at the rear wheel !!

We simply cannot list all the parts on Dean's bike, but here's a breakdown of the tuning parts that led to final power output of his pride & joy......................................


Akrapovic End Can: This is a slip on end can with removable baffle that also replaces the "exup" valve in the latter part of the stock ZX6R exhaust system. It is substantially lighter than the standard can and really is a work of art in terms of engineering beauty. The main reason for fitting one of these is to allow the exhaust gases to escape faster.

K&N High flow Air Filter :
Whilst the exhaust can lets the gases out faster, so the high flow filter lets them in faster. The combination of these two elements results in overall gas flow improvement.


Dynojet Power Commander:
Well, we've let more air in and more air out, but to date no
bike can adjust its own fuel to compensate. This is where we fit a power Commander that allows us to optimise fueling thus releasing the power increases that the other modifications offer. Please note we use the word optimise as in many areas of the fuel map we will reduce fuel injection durations.
It allows us not only to help the other parts work to their full potential but also gives us the opportunity to make the bike more tractable, rideable and far smoother low down in the rev range. It also ensures that it does not run weak thus protecting valves etc from burning out.


The Results:
What we are doing is comparing before and after results on the graphs. In this case we show this model in totally standard trim in green, with exhaust, filter and a base fuel map in blue and finally with a custom fuel map in red. The results speak for themselves with excellent gains of both torque and power throughout the rev range.
The additional bonus with the Power Commander is that it is onwardly adjustable for any future tweaks or modifications ....... What's next Dean?

The Pimp Machine

Here's Dean's story........

"My ZXR 636 was due its 4000 mile service so I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to have a Power Commander and K&N air filter fitted and set up to compliment the Akrapovic exhaust that was already on the bike.

The bike had already been on Seastar’s mobile dyno at a local bike show so I knew that it was producing 111.0BHP with just the end can fitted.

Steve fitted the filter and power commander while servicing the bike. He then took it to the dyno room to see if there was any difference. After a warming up process and a couple of runs he came out and showed me the results of the work using the base map supplied by Power Commander. Initially I was a little disappointed because it had only gained a few bhp with a small improvement in the fueling. Steve was confident that he could improve on this with a custom map.

A few hours later he came back with 122.7bhp and 51.5ft-lbs of torque at 11000 revs. Very impressive figures for a 600. Steve then went through all the graphs to show me where the improvements had been made on the fuelling and power delivery. The ZX was always a strong engine with good midrange power but now its so much smoother which makes it easier to ride and I think the fuel economy has improved slightly.

All in all I am very pleased I had the work done and I think I have a better bike because of it.

Top marks for Steve and his dyno work. "

Dyno Operator: Steve Cudden.

Critic and Owner: Dean Gibson

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