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Motorcycle Tuning
project kawasaki zzr1400

Hypersports performance !! - Excess?

Take the fastest road bike, breath on it and make it faster - Why?..... Because we can!!!.

178 Bhp at the rear wheel !! (220 at the crank with Ram Air)

The owners of all of the ZZR1400's that we have tuned all commented on the lack lustre performance below 5000 rpm. (Most are quite satisfied with this calmed area of the rev range, but some do just want to control this themselves... and why not!!).

What did we fit? ....... Nota a lot really - A pair of cans and a power commander!.


Yoshimura End Cans: These are slip-on "race" end cans produced by Yoshimura in various different finishes. The Yoshie cans were an excellent choice as the angles of the "Tri-Oval" cans so perfectly complimted the angles of the rear bodywork of the bike. The main reason for fitting these is to allow the exhaust gases to escape faster and Yoshimura really do know how to make that happen. Considering the cans were the only metalwork modification we were astounded at just how well they did work.

K&N High flow Air Filter :
Not available at the time of this setup. When they are it is preferable to use these as not only do they allow more air in to compliment the cans that let it out, but they are a servicable item that can be cleaned periodically to return you straight back to setup state at any time. (With Ram air bikes like the ZZR1400 swallowing everything bar small children it is important to stay on top of air filters to maintain power).


Dynojet Power Commander:
Well, we've let more air in and more air out, but to date no
bike can adjust its own fuel to compensate. This is where we fit a power Commander that allows us to optimise fueling thus releasing the power increases that the other modifications offer. Please note we use the word optimise as in many areas of the fuel map we will reduce fuel injection durations.
It allows us not only to help the other parts work to their full potential but also gives us the opportunity to make the bike more tractable, rideable and far smoother low down in the rev range. It also ensures that it does not run weak thus protecting valves etc from burning out.


The Results:
The 0-5000 rpm power area was truly released, giving much more response to throttle demands in this low rev range. As expected from increased gas flow, the mid and upper regions of the power curve benefitted enormously. Peak power was increased form 165 to 178 Bhp (please note that the Ram Air at peak performance that we are unable to replicate without the dyno being in a wind tunnel is worth about another 13 Bhp whilst the losses through the gearbox and chain drive equate to about 13%. Add it all together and what you get is a power at the crank figure of approx (178+13)+ 13% = 220 Bhp - Wow!!).

Dry weight on this bike is 215 Kg - Therefore power to weight ratio is now in excess of 1000 Bhp per Tonne.

Is this still usable power? ........
More so than ever! the relationship between throttle and power response is more predictable, more controlable and obviously more exciting. Our setups concentrate purely on ridability even at the cost of a few more GG's. As the famous saying goes "Power is nothing without control". On bikes like the ZZR1400 the dyno charts only tell half the story - Riding the bike tells the rest.

Dyno Operator: Steve Cudden.

On form as usual!!

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