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hornee jeans review

Click to buy Hornee Jeans online now!

Hornee Jeans – Made by Bikers for Bikers

Hornee Jeans are the brainstorm of a couple of Australian motorcyclists that set up production of these kevlar lined fashion Jeans which now also come as standard with softshell knee armour.

The first thing you will notice when you touch the jeans is the density and smoothness of the Kevlar and the inside feels even better than the outside. The kevlar has been woven so tightly that it feels like smooth cotton – there is no ‘towelling’ feel to the kevlar in Hornee Jeans, which cuts out the itching and heat retention.

Hornee Jeans are very cool against the skin and the density of the knit makes them extremely comfortable and more hardwearing than the normal strength of kevlar used. They also look like a general everyday pair of jeans with very fashionable designs and cut!! Available in regular and relaxed fit, Hornee Jeans can be as comfortable or as figure hugging as you like.

Ladies Hornee Jeans are also available in standard ‘High Back’ and a ‘Hipster’ version.

All are available in standard and shorter lengths.

  • 100% DuPont Military Grade Kevlar
  • Impact burst strength 5850 KPA (AWTA Hydraulic Diaphragm Method)
  • Abrasion Tested 60,000 Cycles (CSIRO Martindale Method)
  • Ultra Thin Kevlar for comfort and less Thermal Conductivity
  • Heavy duty double stitching
  • 292% Tougher Impact Burst Strength than a 16oz Knitted Kevlar

View our selection of mens and ladies Hornee Jeans online here

292% Tougher Impact Burst Strength than16oz Knitted Kevlar
Relax Fit Bootcut Black
Relax Fit Bruised Wash Black
Relax Fit Burnt Blue
Cargo Black
Desert Camo
Ladies High Black
Ladies Hipster Blue


Buy Hornee Jeans online now!


Hornee subjects the kevlar it uses to rigorous testing to ensure both protection and comfort. This is why Hornee is confident that it uses what it believes to be the best kevlar lining available in all its products.

In 2004, Hornee tested both their terry knit Kevlar and that of a competitor for abrasion resistance. Using the Martindale method, the leading method for testing abrasion, both samples achieved a mean average of 60,000 cycles.

But Hornee wanted to be better than the competitor. In late 2005, they commenced working on developing a new, ultra-thin woven kevlar material to rival the terry knit variety. The purpose for this development was two-fold:

  • 1. The feedback received from customers that the thickness of the terry knit kevlar meant that it was too hot to wear during the summer months; and
  • 2. A main customer concern that, during accidents involving prolonged contact with the asphalt, extensive heat was experienced in the areas covered by the knitted kevlar and blistering of the skin occurred.

Tests were conducted by Hornee regarding the thermal conductivity of terry knit Kevlar and found that the thickness of the fabric is directly proportional to the amount of heat generated, which in turn caused the blistering experienced by these customers. In effect, the thicker the Kevlar, the greater the amount of heat generated.

It was their intention to develop a fabric that maintained the same abrasion resistance that it had achieved in the Martindale abrasion test, but one which also provided for a higher burst strength because it had been brought to thier attention that some competitor products using terry knit Kevlar were bursting on impact and motorcyclists were receiving abrasive injuries as a result. Hornee concluded that a higher burst strength would significantly decrease the incidence of the kevlar tearing or ‘bursting’ on impact.

In 2006, Hornee developed a woven kevlar fabric that satisfied the Martindale abrasion test and in 2008, they tested this fabric against the terry knit variety using the Hydraulic Diaphragm method (otherwise known as the ‘burst test’). The results were that Hornee’s woven kevlar outperformed the terry knit used by competitors by almost three-fold. The significance of this result cannot be understated – Hornee’s woven Kevlar will provide greater protection upon impact compared to the terry knit variety, without compromising abrasion resistance.

Hornee is confident that they are using the best kevlar lining on the market. Not only does the kevlar in its products protect its customers, but it is comfortable to wear both on and off the bike. Hornee woven Kevlar is engineered to perform. We are not aware of any other Kevlar-lined jeans that offer as much protection.

Hornee does not guarantee that their product will provide protection in all instances. No such clothing can guarantee the user protection against all injury, foreseeable of otherwise.

Buy Hornee Jeans online now!


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