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kAWASAKI H2, H2 Carbon & H2R Ninja 1000 2017

Kawasaki H2

Kawasaki H2R Track Bike and H2 Road Bike

First seen at Intermot Motorcycle Show the new Kawasaki Ninja H2R created an enormous amount of interest with thousands of people staring in awe at this supercharged superbike that has over 50 horsepower more than a MotoGP bike. In fact it is claimed to be no less than 326BHP.

Kawasaki teased us for weeks with short clips of the bike with sounds of howling engines and chirping superchargers. Finally, Kawasaki showed the UK public at Motorcycle Live in November 2014 what the track only Ninja H2R can do on a dyno! The radical looks are matched by amazing performance figures.

The specifications reveal a new trellis chassis, single sided swinging arm, carbon fibre bodywork, state of the art electronic rider aids, slash cut megaphone titanium exhaust and even specially adapted inner wheel rim surfaces to stop the rear tyre spinning on the wheel its self under extreme acceleration - not to mention a supercharger.

The Ninja H2R will be very rare with only around 350 units made worldwide – this hand built machine used all of Kawasaki Heavy Industries departments including its Aero Space department. They managed to develop a small gear driven supercharger that is able to spin at 130,000 RPM. Pricing has been released for the Kawasaki H2R and has been set at £41,000.

Production will be limited with only one unit a day being built and machines will be allocated on a simple first come first served basis.

The road legal Kawasaki H2 uses all of the same technology as the H2R putting out around 200bhp at the rear wheel as standard (without RAM Air). It will be supplied as standard with an Akropovic exhaust system giving a considerable power gain. Prices have been set including the Akrapovic Exhaust at £25,499. As with the H2R numbers will be very limited so be sure to order soon.

Please note: These are not run of the mill production bikes and because of this their prices are uncharacteristic of Kawasaki's usual prices due to the bespoke nature of the H2 models. They are a celebration of what Kawasaki can do (and believe us ONLY Kawasaki could do this all in house).

The limited number of units add to the costs of building such iconic machines, but in turn this only adds to the future values.

The order book is very limited indeed, and as expressed by Kawasaki themselves, the bikes will be supplied on a first come first served basis without exception. Give us a call for any further information.

Please note the subtle colour change for 2017 with a graphite coloured frame for this year.

To see more information and video footage go to the dedicated Kawasaki H2 Website

Kawasaki H2R Track Bike - The Details
See further videos and details on the dedicated Kawasaki H2 Website

Kawasaki H2R Closed Circuit Bike Details - Colourway for 2017
Kawasaki H2R 2017 Kawasaki H2R 2017 Kawasaki H2R 2017



Kawasaki H2 Carbon Road Bike Details - Colourway for 2017
Kawasaki H2 Carbon 2017 Kawasaki H2 Carbon 2017 Kawasaki H2 Carbon 2017


Kawasaki H2 Road Bike Details - Colourway for 2017
Kawasaki H2 2017 Kawasaki H2 2017 Kawasaki H2 2017


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