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Kawasaki - The start of the new line-up

Kawasaki New Models for 2017

Kawasaki have started to launch the new model range for 2017 at intermot (4th October 2016). See below some of the early announcements that include:

The Kawasaki H2 Carbon - a very limited model of only 120 for the world - equating to a mere handful of 10 or so for the UK. If this is of interest, give us a call now to see if you can secure one.

A new Kawasaki ZX10RR - again, a limited supply of only 500 units europe wide.

The Z1000SX which is already Kawasaki's best seller sees some substantial improvements all round. Yet again, Kawasaki have listened to customer feedback and delivered.

The ER6F gets an all new chassis (some 19 KG lighter) to produce a sportier Ninja 650.

The ER6N also gets a new trellis frame and a make over and becomes the Z650. Again with a considerable weight saving.

Z900 - a new model replacing the current Z800 - Guess what - yes, a 20kg wight saving.


Kawasaki H2 - 2017

The existing highly acclaimed Supercharged Ninja H2 and Ninja H2R machines are now joined by a third even more exclusive model in 2017, the Ninja H2 Carbon.

Limited to just 120 available worldwide in 2017, the Carbon model of the Ninja H2, as its name suggests, features a Carbon Fibre upper cowling as well as other features that mark it out as special – even in this illustrious company.

Resplendent in a new paint scheme that is just as eye catching yet different to the two existing Ninja models, the Ninja H2 Carbon also has a new take on the famous Kawasaki “river mark” emblem on the front of the cowling as well as the adoption of an IMU offering six levels of machine attitude measurement.

Using the IMU at its core the range of electronic rider aids is impressive with Kawasaki’s cornering management function as part of a suite that also includes traction control, launch control, intelligent anti-lock brakes and even a bank angle readout as part of the meter display.

Equipped with its stunning trellis style frame, handling and braking are dealt with by top quality components on the Ninja H2 Carbon with KYB AOS-2 front forks plus Brembo M50 calipers and braking package while, at the rear, a top spec Ohlins TTX shock absorber with remote adjustment ensures perfect handling.

Euro4 compliant and available with an accessory Akrapovic carbon fibre bodied silencer, Ninja H2 Carbon accessories also include a Kawasaki Ergo-Fit reduced angle handlebar kit and different size handlebar weights.

Sure to be popular not just for its rarity value but also for its awesome performance, the old saying was never more pertinent for the Ninja H2 Carbon, “be quick or it will be gone!”…

Pricing for the Kawasaki H2, H2 Carbon and H2R has been announced for 2017.

Ninja H2 (including Akrapovic exhaust) - £25,395
Ninja H2 Carbon (inc. Akrapovic exhaust) - £27,895

Ninja H2R - £47,000


Kawasaki ZX10RR - 2017

With SBK Championship success in 2013 and, most recently, in 2015, the Ninja ZX-10R package is a proven race winner. Now Kawasaki is taking the next logical step in the litre class Supersports arena and has created the Ninja ZX-10RR, a machine focused on podium potential and street exclusivity.

With its RR logo on the right side engine cover and resplendent in the evocative Kawasaki Racing Team black and white “Winter Test” livery, a host of engineering and performance features set the single seat machine apart from its peers.

Featuring a modified cylinder head equipped to take higher lift racing camshafts and new reinforced crankcases for increased durability, the RR also benefits from tappets with DLC low friction surface coating for reduced mechanical loss – essential on a race tuned engine.

In terms of chassis upgrades, the lightweight forged aluminum Marchesini wheels reduce un-sprung weight while the combination of Brembo M50 monobloc calipers, laterally grooved Brembo disc rotors plus a Brembo radial pump master cylinder and steel braided hoses ensure that braking performance is of track quality as standard.

The addition of down as well as up gear selection on the KQS Kawasaki Quick Shifter is a welcome feature as is the race kit accessory option of head pipe angle and rear pivot point adjustment. Matched to the impressive Showa advanced balanced free front fork the horizontal Back-link, BFRC lite gas-charged shock with piggyback reservoir offer a wide range of adjustability to suit any road or race track environment.

In terms of road riding sophistication, the ZX-10RR is equipped with an IMU offering six degrees of machine attitude measurement and an impressive number of advanced rider aids including sports traction control, electronic engine brake control, launch control, intelligent anti-lock brakes and Kawasaki’s KCMF cornering management function ensuring riders hit their chosen apex every time.

Taking the existing Ninja ZX-10R with its race focused reduced inertia engine to the next level, the new Ninja ZX-10RR – which is limited to just 500 units across the whole of Europe - looks destined to feature prominently in Superstock and Superbike paddocks during 2017 as well as in the garages of a lucky few discerning street focused riders.

Although not officially fixed in price, the guide prices given by Kawasaki are as follows:

Ninja ZX10R Standard - £16,499

Ninja ZX10R Akrapovic - £17,099

Prices are to be confirmed at thime of the first deliveries due in Feb 2017 for those that have committed early.

Kawasaki Z1000SX - 2017

The Kawasaki 1000SX has been a sales success story since its inception with strong media reviews and a huge number of loyal fans.

For 2017 Kawasaki has fundamentally reviewed the overall SX package and refined both its sporting and touring prowess creating a machine that is equally rewarding in a committed sports riding environment as it is with luggage and passenger over a long distance.

Customer focus groups and research conducted by Kawasaki in Europe have guided the engineering and styling processes that led to the new machine boasting a wider cowling and larger “double-bubble” adjustable screen as well as LED headlamps that are 1.4 times brighter than the current machine.

Ergonomically both rider and passenger seats are more deeply padded with a new style foam plus sculpting which more effectively anchors the passenger in position. With the addition of the clean mount pannier system and the retention of remote rear-pre-load adjustment focus on touring over long distance while other additions compliment the SX’s considerable sporting prowess.

New for 2017 is the addition of an IMU monitoring 6 levels of machine attitude and delivering a raft of electronic rider aids include a cornering management function, intelligent antilock braking, selectable power modes and traction control. Allied to the easy pull assist and slipper clutch the world of the SX rider is a comforting place to be.

From a sporting perspective, the 2017 machine enjoys new suspension settings and sporty Ninja family styling. The sporting theme runs through to the meters with a digital gear position indicator and an adjustable gear shift light that illuminates both in the meter panel and via an illuminated rev counter needle.

The latest Z1000SX has been created to go the distance and remain at the top of its class despite the entry of several competitors in the past few seasons. Its 19litre fuel tank and Eco riding indicator ensure that fuel stops are rare while an external temperature readout allows the ride to monitor changing conditions. For the coming year, the Z1000SX most certainly comes once more equipped with the power to move you.

Pricing will be announced with the first deliveries due in Jan 2017.


Kawasaki Ninja 650 - 2017

Taking a new approach to the mid-weight category, Kawasaki has unveiled the Ninja 650 for the 2017 model year, a twin cylinder, water-cooled machine targeting a wide spectrum of potential owners.

In an evolving market – and with pressures such as Euro4 compliance – Kawasaki designers took the opportunity to assess what the company’s extensive European market research was showing producing a machine with undeniable Ninja styling and spirit allied to every-day adaptability.

With outright performance less crucial to potential owners compared to usability across a number of riding scenarios, the 69PS engine has been tuned for excellent low to mid-range urge while the entire package offers a riding environment that will appeal to those looking for their first mid-weight, those trading down from a larger machine and riders with skill levels from novice to experienced.

Developed from the well-respected ER series unit, the Ninja 650 engine delivers instant response and performance with the benefit of 6.8% better fuel economy. And utilising a new trellis type chassis redolent of the Ninja H2 plus a gull style aluminum swinging-arm, the latest mid-weight Ninja boasts not just good looks but a chassis weight reduction of an impressive 19kg.

Recognising that the rider environment is crucial, the Ninja 650 comes equipped with an adjustable shift up light plus a rev counter needle that glows red when the next gear should be selected, a digital gear indicator and even an ambient temperature read-out.

Rounding off an impressive chassis specification, new style Nissin calipers deliver exceptional and controllable ABS equipped stopping power while adjustable horizontal link rear suspension similar the Ninja ZX-10R maintains the Ninja family reputation for seamless controllable handling characteristics.

A2 compliant – with a 35kw power restrictor kit fitted – the Ninja 650 will answer the needs of those seeking to enter the mid-weight arena while at the same time delivering weekend sports riding and weekday commuting possibilities thanks to an ergonomically tuned riding position.
Proving that as the market evolves so does the Ninja family, Kawasaki Motors Europe is optimistic that this new direction in the mid-weight class, and new style of Ninja, will become a hit with riders across the continent.

Pricing to be announced with the first deliveries due late Jan 2017.

Kawasaki Z650 - 2017


This one wasn't revealed at intermot, so here is a sneak preview. Don't tell anyone.

The Z650 name returns as the brother to the Ninja 650 above. Full specs to follow but with a wet weight of only 186.5kg you can expect a fun and lively ride.





Kawasaki Z900 - 2017

This is also an unofficial preview as it was not launched at intermot.

Growing in cubic capacity to 948cc this new Kawasaki Z900 gains massively in mid-range power and torque. The engine may be bigger but the overall package is some 20kg lighter than the Z800. This bike is going to be an absolute blast to ride.

Keep a space in your garage.




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