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Braided Steel Racelines are a replacement brake line that have a PTFE inner tube and tightly braided stainless steel outer cover. These lines have the benefit of NO FLEX. And are tested to 4000 psi (Max working pressure for a Motorcycle is 1500 psi). Combined with Carbon Lorraine performance brake pads these will offer the ultimate in Stopping Power. Ask for details of our Package Deal.

Scorpion Exhausts UK
Scorpion Race CANS & Road Legal motorcycle Exhausts

Click here for prices and types of Scorpion Race Exhausts and Road legal cans for your Make & Model of bike.

Scorpion exhausts offer an extensive range of motorcycle exhausts including Road Legal Cans that double up as Race Cans with the baffle removed. Scorpion exhausts are offered in a variety of flavours Stainless Steel, Carbon Fibre, Titanium and Anodised Titanium (Flame) all of which are available in either round or oval in both "bolt on" or "slip on" varieties.

Additionally there are now 2 different types of end caps, the edge for the majority of fitments and the Underseat option for single underseat cans. Both of these shapes are available in carbron fibre (At extra cost).


Regardless of outer skin composition, all of the Scorpion motorcycle exhausts are produced using a 50mm outlet, and all internals are produced from high grade stainless steel as are the slip on pipes supplied with the cans.

Scorpion exhausts comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE (for as long as you own the bike). Except Cruisers and Scooters who get a 12 month warranty.

All Scorpion cans come with a full fitting kit and neceessary bolts for easy fitment.

Scorpion Road Legal Cans - Road Legal Exhausts are also produced using a straight through 50mm perforated tube, however where required also have an additional baffle inserted in the end of this tube. This baffle is easily REMOVABLE (One bolt) thus turning the can into a "Race Can" - Road legal cans are "E-Marked" and come certificated as such.

Bobbin Kits The bobbin kits come with various thread size options for the bolts to fix to your pre-existing swing arm mounts. If in doubt, give us a call.


Prices start at £159.00, but with some 3000 model, material, shape and fitment options available please click here to get a price for your specific model.


Click Here to hear what Scorpion
Exhausts sound like!!

Please note that the fitment of an Exhaust Can OR K&N may or may not affect the performance of the bikes fueling system. Poor fuelling can put the engines valves at any greater risk of burning out. However using both K&N and Endcan will undoubtedly require re-jetting or DYNOJETTING. -
Please ask our Staff for further details

The K&N Power Filters

Available for the majority of bike models are Lifetime replacement filters (with believe it or not a million mile guarantee -
having said that we don't know anyone that has managed to make any bike last that long.)

The idea behind the use of a K&N is to improve the rate of gas flow through the engine.

From stock, generally the most restrictive part of a motorcycle with regard to gas flow is the Exhaust Can. Fit a Race Can or in many cases even better a Full System and the gases are immediately allowed to escape more easily.

The next most restrictive point is the Air Filter. Once an Exhaust and K&N is fitted, it is simply down to the flow of the Cylinder Head, and short of having that gas flowed you have just about reached the limits.
Although K&N filters are generally in the region of 2 to 3 times the price of an OEM filter, it is the last one you will buy.
In addition to this, the proud owners of the more recent RAMAIR bikes who's steeds will swallow anything to the size of a small elephant through the intake scoops will be pleased to hear that the filters can be washed, re-oiled and re-used. (A useful tip for RamAir bikes - Clean the filter every 1500 miles.)


The material, shapes and finishing touches that are available
Stainless (Shiny)
Carbon Fibre
Titanium (Matt)
Anodised Titanium
Carbon with Carbon End Cap
Stainless with Carbon End Cap
Titanium with Carbon End Cap
Anodised Titanium (Flame)
Underseat Stainless Cap
Underseat Carbon Cap

Click here to view a high level exhaust example


Click here for images of underseat exhausts

Mail Order Available.

Add £10.00 for insured delivery to your door.


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