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Why Dynojet
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Gas/Air Monitoring

Dyno Tuning UK
zx6r-b1/2h power enhancement

Having had close involvement with the MSS Discovery race bike fueling along with our own continuing research, we have been able apply much of the experience gained to the road bikes that we deal with.

Our aims are to optimise first gas flow and then fuel rate to match without touching the mechanics of the engines. ie. with the use of Exhaust cans, full systems, high flow air filters and in some cases minor airbox modifications.

It is important that once the flow of air has been increased that the fuel delivery is adjusted to esnsure a smooth ride at any throttle position and more importantly to supply sufficient fuel to keep the valves cool at high engine revs.

Below are 3 examples of the Kawasaki ZX6R 2003/4 model power output in 3 stages of tune. All power figures quoted are measured at the rear wheel (Add approx 13% to convert to crank measurement).

RED LINE: Totally standard bike. (106 BHP)
As can be seen from the fuel curve, the bike runs slightly lean around the 4-5500rpm area. This was a neccessary setup in order to pass strict emmisions laws when the machine left the factory. To date practically all fuel injected bikes have this. The by product of this is that power delivery at this area can be a little snatchy.
Yes, even a standard bike can have improvements made to its low rpm response with a power commander and a setup.

BLUE LINE: 50mm Race can with K&N filter - Fueling standard (110 BHP)
The combination of a can and filter have accentuated the lean area of the fuel curve which in turn could make the power delivery feel a little more snatchy at 4-5500rpm. The fuel at the upper end of the rev range is still rich enough however to take care of the valves at high revs. A power commander and setup would provide a very noticeable improvement at the low rpm range. ie. smoothing the delivery out.

GREEN LINE: Akrapovic Race System, K&N Filter, PC3 USB & Airbox Mod. (116 BHP)
Even we were surprised to see what could be achieved. In this case, the bike has been re-fueled with the use of a Power Commander PC3 USB. As can be seen from the dyno graph, we have dramatically increased flow that not only has increased power, but held on to that power much deeper into the rev range. As can be seen from the fuel curve, we have flattened this line which has made the bike an absolute pleasure at low rpm and small throttle positions.

Whatever air flow modification you make to your bike, whether this be a can, a filter or more, we would advise that you get a quick power run done on a dyno that can measure and chart Gas/Air ratios just to make sure that all is OK.

Click to enlarge

The alternative option is to uprgade the the 2006 model that in standard trim produces some 114 BHP at the rear wheel. How do Kawasaki do it? - Watch this space for tried and tested tuning mods for this model.

Give us a call, we will gladly discuss combinations or adaptations of the above to suit your requirements and pocket, and provided that we supply the hardware, we are happy to give fixed quotes for this type of work (as long as your bike is healthy to start with of course) - Results can vary slightly from bike to bike........................................

Tel: 01508 471919 - e-mail:

Technically minded?

Want to know more about fuel injection manipulation? - Click here

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