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Why Dynojet
Results to be expected?
Why use the rolling road?
Gas/Air Monitoring

Dyno Tuning UK
DynoJet & Power commander UK

Seastar Superbikes has 2 Dynojet rolling roads. A Dyno 200 & a Dyno 250
We are an accredited Dynojet Power Commander / Tuning Link Dyno Centre .

Dyno 200 (Mobile dyno) This is able to measure power, torque and Gas/Air ratios against RPM. Thus giving sufficient information to optimise fuelling on all carburetted bikes.

Dyno 250 As per the dyno 200, but has on board an inertia brake that allows us to put a load against the drive of the rear wheel. This load is both controllable and adjustable so that we are in a position to replicate almost any riding condition. This is essential for any accurate fuel injection manipulation even using the PowerCommander PC2, PC3 and PC3 usb Fuel injection controllers.

Both dynos give us the possibility of graphing the Gas/Air ratio directly against the power curve produced by the bike. These can be compared to other similarly modified machines to ensure that your machine is perfoming as it should.

The dynojet results of all runs are stored on computer so that we can look back and compare any future runs that may be done and see if power has been increased, or in the event of a problem allows us to view any degradation of performance.


Having optimised fueling for many UK racers and tuners including MSS Kawasaki, we have a huge depth of experience and data that we can call upon. Yes, the Dynojet is a tuning tool, but it is also a very useful fault diagnostics tool and is best seen as a means of Benchmarking. In order for us to be able to reduce costs for customers in the long term, we introduced Power Run Day - this is the first Saturday of every month and gives our customers the benefit of very low cost power runs. No booking is required for these days, bikes are run on a first come first served basis. Whilst power and torque readings are made available in a graph format, we are able to see that the bike is fuelling correctly (or not) and can instantly advise as to whether or not any adjustments should be made.

For those more mechanically minded we will gladly advise customers of the details of any changes that we would make so that they can do these themselves. Once run, we have a benchmark, this is in invaluable as the comparison of 2 runs will often lead us straight to a given fault. Saving time and more importantly for our customers, saving money.

Power Run - On Power Run Day 25 + vat (1st Saturday of each month - No booking reqd)
Power Run - Pre-booked 35 + vat

In most cases we are able to offer fixed rate setups. In this event below are price guides:
Fixed Rate Setups 170 + vat at the time that we supply the Jet Kit / Power commander - or Fixed Rate Setups £200 + vat if we did not supply hardware (see note below for fixed rate terms)

N.B. Some bikes WILL vary dependent on time required to fit the hardware - Ducati 1098 being an example where firment of power commander can be an extended task.

Otherwise dyno work charged by the hour.

Hourly Rate for Dyno work 60 + vat

Fixed rate setups are available for all standard bikes with end can and air filter modifications, and for those with either Yoshimura or Akrapovic exhaust systems.

Bikes that have further electronic or mechanical modifications often react differently and can therefore often take longer to adjust accurately.

Click here to see what we did with our ZX6R (2003 Model)

Give us a call and we will gladly discuss the best route for you.......................................

Tel: 01508 471919 - e-mail:

Technically minded?

Want to know more about fuel injection manipulation? - Click here

Want to know more about Carburation? - Click here


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