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Seastar Superbikes - Pirelli Tyres UK
Metzeler sportec m3 TYRE

The Metzeler Sportec M3 tyre is the top mid to fast range sports tyre. With a high silica content that aids both quick tyre warming and its ability to repel water, a grip level that has been improved dramatically over its predeccessor the Sportec M1.

The carefully blended quad compond of the Metzeler Sportec M3 gives all the grip you can ask for at the outer edges of the tyre, whilst the harder centre compounds both reduces wear and retains the overall shape of the tyre for much greater distances.

Its all new tread pattern expells water most efficiently - again helping to improve wet grip dramatically.

The biggest advantage of the Sportec M3 is its durability. Offering approx. 25% more wear. This fact in itself proves that the grip has been improved too.

This tyre was long term tested in Spain where data logging has allowed Metzeler to give us direct comparisons of the Sportec M3 to the M1...... see chart below.

The Radial steel belt and improved sidewall construction give this tyre great excellent rigidity properties whilst still giving the rider early feedback. The stronger sidewalls also means that the bike is far less likely to stand up under braking. - Try a set for yourself. - you will not regret it.

See the link below for sizes, prices and our online store pages.

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We are able to buy at a level that allows us to provide unparalleled pricing in East Anglia, we have a dedicated tyre fitting bay and trained staff.

Metzler Sportec M1
Pirelli Diablo Diablo
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